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Heze Roc Imp & Exp Co., Ltd

[China] sell Non dairy creamer

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Product effect:
■improves the tea soup color and luster, making the bright color that it has a silk
■represses the tea soup bitter taste, covering up bad smell
■ provides purely natural and thick fragrant milk flavor, don't incre-ase the artificial fragrance extract
■Through build the product of the empress of the grain to hurtle to a-djust sex better
■Higher egg white content, provide the better sex price ratio
■eating lubricate, the taste is heavy

The quality authenticate:
1.Pure degree:The cream is in the mouth cavity,mouth and the larynx whe-ther meek and delicate and slippery, have good water-soluble,emulsify disp-ersion and become an even milk liquid form in the water.
2.Thick solid degree:The cream of the superior quality all has a kind of nature in the mouth cavity and the larynx of grease flavor.
3.Milk flavor,flavor:The cream its milk flavor and flavor of the superi-or quality are purely natural, rather than the artificial increase, drinki-ng in the mouth, the tongue,mouth cavity isn't strong.
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Heze Roc Imp & Exp Co., Ltd

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Name and Surname: Bob Lee
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